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Development of the website

The website is managed by the agency of communication Thémis Crea

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The whole of this site concerns the French and international legislation on the copyright and the intellectual property.

The photographs, texts, slogans, drawings, images, animated sequences sound or not as all works integrated in the site are the property of company GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A or of third having authorized GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A to use them. The logos, icons and graphics chips represented on the site are protected under the copyrights and the L.511.1 articles and following of the Code from the intellectual property relating to protection from the patented designs.

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The brands quoted on this site are deposited by the companies which are owners.

Any use not – authorized whole or part of these rights by thirds is likely to cause legal proceedings.

Contents of the site

The information which appears on is provided as general information. Information and illustrations are not contractual and do not engage the responsibility for GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A with respect to the reader for the consequences of the use which it could make for itself or for the account or bound for third. They cannot be used to contradict any existing contractual provision or to come between GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A and the user.

GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A declines any responsibility in the event of delay for update, error or omission as for the contents of these pages, just as in the event of interruption or of permanent or temporary unavailability of the service. Even if GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A makes any possible sound to take care of the exactitude and the veracity of the information contained in GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A cannot at all be held responsible for any damage which can be caused by the use of this site.

GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A reserves the right to correct, constantly and without notice, the contents of this site.

The reproductions, on a paper medium or data processing, of the aforesaid site and works which are reproduced there are authorized provided they are strictly booked with a personal use and deprived. That excludes any use with advertising objectives and/or commercial, and/or of information and/or which they are in conformity with the provisions of the L.122-5 article of the Code of the intellectual property.

Any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by some process that it is and on some support that it is, of whole or part of the site, of whole or part of different works which compose it, without to have obtained the prior approval of the director of the publication is strictly prohibited, constitutes a forgery offence and can give following civil and/or penal legal proceedings, like with the payment of damages.

Access to the site

The user of the site admits having of competence and the means necessary to reach and use this site.

GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A could not be held responsible for the elements and events apart from its control related to the use of the site and their effects or hardware and/or software incompatibilities and damage which could possibly result from it for the technical environment from the user, in particular for his computers, software, equipment networks and any other equipment used to reach or use the service and/or information.

One is reminded that the fact of reaching or of being maintained fraudulently in a computer system, of blocking or of distorting operation, of introducing or of modifying fraudulently data of such a system constitutes a punishable offence of penal sanctions.


The site authorizes the installation of a bearing hyperlink towards its contents, provided:

  • of authorization of the director of the publication of the site
  • not to use the technique of the major link (“deep linking”), i.e. the pages of the site should not be overlapping inside the pages of another site, but accessible by the opening from a dedicated window
  • to mention the source which will point thanks to a hyperlink directly on the contents concerned.

Any use with commercial purposes or advertising executives is excluded except for the provisions envisaged.

This authorization does not apply to the websites diffusing of information in matter polemical, pornographic, xenophobe or being able, on the whole, to attack the sensitivity of greatest number.

GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A declines any responsibility as for the contents for the sites suggested in links, some is the type of link established to leave, or towards GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A reserves the right to be opposed to its establishment.

Information collected on the site

All the data collected on this site, by some means that it is, are with the use booked of company GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A.

In accordance with article 34 of the law 78-17 Data processing and Libertés of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access, of modification, correction and suppression of the data concerning you.

To exert this right, contact us by e-mail with:


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The information collected on this site via the forms is the object of a data processing intended for the development of a commercial proposition.
The recipient of the data is: GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A


In accordance with the Data-processing law and Freedoms of January 6th, 1978, you profit from a right of access and of correction to information which concerns you. If you wish to exert this right and to obtain communication of information concerning you, contact to us at the address above.

Secure payment

For your financial transactions, the site uses an external solution of payment. With this system, your payment by credit card is carried out directly on the secure waiter of the online banking. No moment, your credit card number will be communicated to company GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A.

Reservation online

The general terms of sale and cancellation related to the reservation online or requires reservation are indicated precisely in the forms concerned. You can ask for a copy of the general terms of sale at the address above. The solutions of reservation online force to notch the box “acceptance of the general terms of sale” before any purchase.

The visitor’s taxes, if there is, will be specified on the invoice of the establishment. They are not understood in the amounts indicated at the time of the reservation. The fixing of these taxes is independent of the will of company GIE the COLLECTION HOTELS 3A.


In the event of a dispute relating to these general terms and conditions, the customer may proceed with a conventional mediation or with any other alternative means of dispute settlement under the conditions provided for in Title I of Book VI of the Consumer Code.

After contacting the customer service or the hotel in an attempt to resolve the dispute amicably, and failing a satisfactory reply within ninety (90) days of the referral, the client may seize The Ombudsman for Tourism and Travel whose contact and details of referral are available on his website :